Thursday, August 27, 2009

Welcoming campus life!

I'm taking postgraduate program to get my Master in Psychology in University Indonesia right now. I'm gonna start the program next week. Super excited! Now, i do realy have to prepare entering the campus life, AGAIN. I start to think.. what do i need then??

I'm trying to list all the needs.. here they are:
1. Comfort spot in my bedroom

Where it all begins. Place where there are a desk, a chair, stacks, etc. Where i can put all my favourite things like my lapito, books, toys, acessories.. well i don't know, it can be like anything! A place where i can adjust my self studying, browsing, chatting.. doing my things. It has to be very tidy and eclectic! Like this one.. my inspiration.

2. Well-organized closet

Nothing more to say.. this one is the most essential part of all.

3. The 'in my bag' things
I used to take different bags everyday i went to campus. I think it'll be just the same. I love to mix match the color and the shape of my bag according to the wardrobe i wear the day i go. I'm thinking and wishing some bags that i trust it'll be great to acccompany me during the whole day, yet also have enough space for my things. Here they are..

I love the bird snaps hanging on this leather bag. Gold and black are good together.

That's all i think.. for now.. Happy me preparing next week!

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O|FASHION said...

Smangats!!!! :)
Aku juga mo beresin kamar ah..
Kapan ya??
Kapan2.. :P