Monday, August 17, 2009


Happy independence day! On Aug 17th 2009, when all Indonesian celebrated their independence day, me and my family celebrated it differently. Me and my family visited my grandpa's cemetery to send our prayer (nyekar). Nyekar is a ritual that people usually do to give respect and remember their ancestors. Proud to admit that my grandpa was one of Indonesian's heroes. He joined the Indonesia army and struggled fighting against the colonialism at that time. So he got the priviledge to be burried in one of Indonesia National Cemeteries called Taman Makam Pahlawan, Kalibata.

Ed Hardy Top. Mango Bag. Logo Skinny Jeans. Tory Burch shoes look a like


O|FASHION said...

Pute.. Dedek ptg rmbt??
Knp g dr dl?? Bagusan.. :D
Te u r TOO SKINNY!!!
Ko bs??

Anindita 'deeth' said...

prabas potong rambut y?
terlihat lebih muda......:P