Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This girl obviously knows how to reveal her beauty

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When people get busy..

At the office hour, when people get busy.. i strike some poses!

I love my eyes today. 
I applied mbak Rusi's Revlon eyeliner this morning
 ..and voilaaa!! 

Me with my Gorgeous eyes. ^_^

Friday, May 22, 2009

I should have finished my report

  • Current Obsession: My Lapito (Macbook Unibody 13'3" aluminium), eyelashes, vanilla scent, colorful tops (as always C=)
  • Namesake: Putri Guenantine
  • Favorite Dinner: Caesar Salad.. accompanied by Baileys would be great!
  • Most visited websites: Fashion blogs, Facebook, my hotmail
  • Favorite Tea Flavor: Peach flavored tea
  • Favorite Owned Jewelry: Diamond necklace from Mom
  • Favorite Beer: Beer?? not my preference
  • Listening To: Hot and Cold-Katy Perry
  • Bathroom cabinet holds: Liquid soap, Acnes Facial wash, Herbal Essences Shampoo
  • I miss… My Papa Bear.. My Mom and Dad.. My brother.. (sounds so cheesy when i mention all of them, to be honest, i miss them like all the time when i'm not with them)
  • If I could go anywhere in the next hour I would… Greece!!!!
  • Major Pet Peeves: people who talk about me behind my back, liar liar,
  • Favorite flavor of gum: mint!
  • Five Year Plan: finishing my master degree in psychology (i haven't even started it yet ^^), being a suppppeeerrr professional and reliable clinical psychologist, getting married, having healthy and very smart children, contributing actively in the community.
  • Something that always makes me smile: photos of my beloved ones (family, boyfriend, bestfriends, my pet)
  • Today is special because... i love my passionate life, i love the fact that God creates wonderful surrounding for me.
  • Where I blog: in my office (in fact, i should've already finished my report but... hehehehe.. i end up on posting this post)
  • My perfect day: everyday.. with all the ups and downs.. make me learn.. though life is not always go on like my expectations, but still, i grow up through my everyday life.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Heeelllooo Kiiitttyyy!! *screaming*

I would end up dying starving
if my lunch were like this..

Hello Kitty Lunch Meals

They're all too good to be true!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sex Matters

Sex matters by Osho

Not just another extraordinary book i've just finished reading..

Osho, the writer, defines sex in a very different way from most people view sex. Most people view sex as a taboo and talk about it uncomfortably. Osho says that sex should be accepted as a normal, natural thing in human life. Something that has very powerful energy that creates life itself.

Accept life as it is, in its naturalness , and live it in its totality. That very totality will lift you up day by day, step by step. That very acceptance will lift you to the heights where one day you will experience that which has no trace of sex in it. If sex is coal, one day the diamond of love will also manifest from it.

I love the idea that its sex that creates love.. and so does love create sex. They both work on a synergic system that we all human have it effortlessly. Like what Osho has said, love is within every human being. It doesn't have to be brought in from somewhere.. It is not something that has to be searched for somewhere. It is there. But unfortunately, it is trapped by high walls on all sides and it unable to manifest itself. In my comprehension after reading this book.. it's actually sex that helps people manifest love to the consciousness. When people can accept sex as a godliness energy and use it wisely, then they finally can find by themselves what and where the love is.

So how to manifest love with sex? Change our mind set that sex is a taboo thing. If we do, then we can be open to sex. ..To search what's the meaning of sex in our life. How we perceive our body and take good care of it? It means taking good care of something precious (as in our body is where the godliness energy of sex can manifest). So far, this thing I can tell.. when we can firstly perceive and take good care of our body, acording to how we use our sex energy wisely, then we can finally find LOVE in ourselves.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

in between




Happy with friends in a batik dress

Victory!! haha..
carrying a shopping bag with super big 'SALE' sign on it

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I need Glasses

I do really need glasses!
so i can see clearer how wonderful my life is..

I fell in love the moment i saw this one.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Now i know..

When i was just a little girl i had this one big dream..

and it's still..

be one passion that drives me on,
keeps me going on and on,
something i realize,
i do really want..

that is..

(image: boopsie.daisy)


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hi Sunshine!

Jakarta is getting hotter and hotter these days..
If only i could wear this outfit to the office,
i would be happier. ^_^
Colorful Hot Day
Colorful Hot Day by Pute^Pute featuring Lanvin flat shoes

Friday, May 1, 2009

Seize the day..


iya yaa.. biar di busway cuma setengah jam aja bisa jadi 'me time' yang manjur untuk preparing the whole day loh!!

intinya.. 'me time' untuk 'kompakan sama diri kita sendiri' biar siap ngejalanin 'to do list' dan siap untuk interaksi sama 'dunia luar'.

^_^ saya mau berbagi 'me time' di busway ni:

1. celingukan nyari tempat duduk, berebut sama calon penumpang busway yang lain.
2. setelah dapet tempat duduk, ngerasa jadi the winner (survival of the fittest, bo')
3. setelah duduk sekitar 5 menitan, nyetel lagu POKER FACE-nya LADY GAGA yang beatnya hore itu, hahaha.. sangat manjur untuk boosting mood loh!
4. dilanjutkan lagu-lagu lain yang up beat sambil duduk manis goyang-goyangin kaki ngikutin beat-nya.
5. turun dari busway, CERIA BANGET sampe kantor SEMANGAT BANGET deh.

*ide ceritanya dari Dita*

Stella McCartney’s limited T shirts