Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Me and Nanda went strolling down Lippo Supermall celebrating Indonesia's independence day. I love the day when me and Nanda put our working matters behind and berleha-leha jalan-jalan sana-sini asik-asik gitu. I bought my self a pair of new sepatu seksi and Nanda a new not so pink suit. He said that the new suit he bought would be perfect for shorts. ooh okay emang doyannya lo aje pake celana pendek toog.. haha! Sorenya, we met Gogon and were introduced to his friends. Yeaay i got some new friends! We're chitchating nongkrong nongkrong asik di Planet Noodle. hehehe.. been so sleepy me and Nanda ordered kopi susu from Lau's Kopitiam. huuu i've been craving for kopitehnya Ya Kun Kaya Toast belom kesampean deh.

Malemnya, me and Nanda had The Expendables. We're so penasaran. I'm a bit dissapointed deh.. why Bruce Willis mainnya cuma sekedipan mata? ga enak ga enak ga enak! dia itu kenapa seksi banget deh?! I need to watch Armageddon like ASAP so that i can pamper my eyes watching my idol Bruce Willis. Handsomehandsomehansome
Overall, i love today!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010


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