Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mi Likey!!

Barbie!! reminds me of my childhood!
..and the best thing from this trend is that Revlon Lipstick,
A gorgeous color lipstick that is at very affordable price
i can buy,
Recommended by whowhatwear

Willow via Garance Dore.
Love all in her from head to toe!

Lily Allen in Chanel

Rebecca Taylor's dress for Vanessa Hudgens

Attitude is Everything!

I just finished reading this book, Attitude is Everything by Keith Harrell. I got a reinforcement to change my attitude on some of my perspectives about life. Read the following summary of this book that I wrote, I guarantee that you're gonna get some insights like i did.

Your attitude today determines your success tomorrow!

Attitude is the foundation and support of everything we do, a key element in the process of controlling our destiny and achieving mastery in our personal and professional life.

Our attitude is often one of the first things people notice about us.

There are 10 life steps-changing steps to turning attitude into action:

Step 1 Understand The Power of Attitude

Tap into the power of our attitude.

Step 2 Choose to Take Charge of Our Life

Recognize that our choices today impact our success tomorrow. Taking charge and staying in control is an attitude of choice.

Step 3 Identify through Self Awareness the Attitudes that Hold Us Back or Propel our Forward

Haha.. Keller points out that there are three bad attitude baggages that everybody kinda own:

  1. If-Only baggage (the one that has to do with the past)

  2. What-now baggage (the one that relates on underpressure feeling about the present)

  3. What-if baggage (the one that relates on worries about the future)

Those baggages have to be reframed (Step 4)

Step 4 Reframe Our Bad Attitude


  1. Change perspective

  2. Determine the value of life experience

  3. To feel gratitude and to give forgiveness

  4. To love

Step 5 Find Our Purpose and Passion

Have a clear purpose and passion → create the vision, goals, and plans

Step 6 Be Pre-active

Mind set: It is important to be prepared, never give up, never quit, and know that you have ability to overcome anything (be positive!).

Step 7 Discover How to Motivate Yourself

Supply the energy and enthusiasm to keep us going.

To work well, we should have these five attributes:

  1. Be uniquely ours

  2. Be uplifting

  3. Deal with what is going on at that moment

  4. Paint a picture in our mind

  5. Touch our heart

    Use our tool kit:

    1. Self-coaching through affirmations

    2. Self-motivation through discovering our motives

    3. The power of visualization

    4. Attitude talk for positive internal dialogue

    5. The power of words- WOW

    6. The power in a positive greeting

    7. Enthusiasm, a vital tool for staying motivated

    8. Connecting to your spiritual empowerment

    9. Lighten up your life with humor

    10. Exercising will keep you motivated

Step 8 Build Supportive Relationship

The people you allow to embrace your life ultimately have the greatest impact on your attitude.

Values for building A Team:

  1. Integrity

  2. Respect

  3. Honesty

  4. Accountability

  5. Faith

  6. Love

  7. Health

  8. Wisdom

  9. Compassion

  10. Achievement

  11. Recognition

Step 9 See Change as an Opportunity

Develop a whatever-it-takes attitude.

There are 4 basic ways to respond to change:

  1. Shift into neutral

  2. Adopt a negative attitude

  3. Adopt a counterproductive attitude

  4. Adopt a positive attitude

Step 10 Leave a Lasting Legacy

Make a mark that cannot be erased!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Akangnya Rere sudah tidak available lagi!

The Wedding
*unfortunatelly was not mine (but hope soon to be..) ^_^

I do love the idea that God has prepared someone for someone. So does for Jaka Satari and Insan Maillina. Love the fact that they are meant to be with each other. Hope the best for their newly family.

Last Sunday night, me and Nanda attended the magnificent wedding of Jaka and Melly in Grand Ballroom Hotel Mulia Senayan.

Friends of mine said that,
this photo is kinda a pre wedding photo of us.. hahaha..
Do you think so??

How about this one?

I was so happy that night to meet my besties there. They were so pretty in their pretty dresses.

pretty! pretty! pretty!

Mi had fun posing freakily in front of this gorgeous backdrop..
Muse: Nichole Richie ^_^

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bazaar Ladies Afternoon Tea

I went to this very cool event held By Harper's Bazaar Indonesia, called Bazaar Ladies Afternoon Tea in Grand Ballroom Hotel Mulia Senayan. There were fashion show by Parang Kencana, talk show by the fashion experts, performance by Nindy, and of course a Bazaar. Love the event!!

I went there with my 'Tante Boss' Ratih Ibrahim (remember the super cool boss, the famous psychologist i told you before??!! so proud to admit that she's my boss!!! yipppieeee yay!!) and my two lovely officemates, Dita and mbak Russi.

We had a load of fun there!!

^Thank you for taking me there, Tante Boss^

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Neo Kartini in Action!

Personal Growth (place where i'm working now) celebrated Kartini's Day. Kartini is a heroine from Indonesia. She struggled for the emancipation of Indonesian women. Because of her, now the Indonesian women have the same opportunity with the men.

Today we decided to wear Kebaya and Batik. The muse is of course Raden Ajeng Kartini. But take a look at me then.. hihihihi.. i wore not Kebaya and not Batik obviously. Actually the scarf i was wearing is a kind of Batik also. It originally comes from Cirebon (not the batik that is famous one).

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wonderful Mapril

I'm not in the mood for writing now but i'd like to show how wonderful my life was in Mapril (March and April).

Caught up with my long time friends

Craved for a Green Frozen Yogurt with lychee topping in Sour Sally

Had very nice dinner in Red Tomato

Had brunch with wonderful people, love to gather around with them

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Thursday, April 2, 2009