Friday, February 27, 2009

Lily Allen for Q

Recently, Lily Allen posing for Q magazine. Her pose is really cool! Lily Allen shooting concept seems indeed black and white, bold and beautiful, very minimalist and more weight bold characters are likely to dare. It's showed from the clothing. She's even topless and just put on tights and skirt. One thing special from this shooting is Lily Allen should be posing with the panther. This panther deliberately to show the effect of bold and brave, which is the concept of this shooting. love! love!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Love Match

One day when i was being very in love, a friend threw me a question. She just tossed one question but even until now, every time i feel love, i still can’t get the answers, and continue to ask myself ..

"I feel the love because we match or i really feel as if all the matches because i feel being in love?"

To answer this question, i always put forth all the way to get answers that are far from my own subjective impression. Everytime i begin to like someone, i stick around in his neighborhood, believe it or not, i do not even pay attention to whether or not he objects to it. Without lowering my pride, i always want to be near him. Not only to meet the desires of my heart, but more to find what i've been looking for, which is.. knowing him better. One question from a friend emerges start to the other. "How did the match come from?", "Up to the limit which i feel fit with this person?", "What i know about this person so that i reach the conclusion that i feel is appropriate behavior?" Of course, these questions require empirical evidence and not just wishful thinking only. Therefore, the only way to answer it is to find out, throw all my senses, when possible, and exert all the awareness in the collection of information. Up to when i feel the love, the heart not only speak but also my logic is working.

Thought to be a short process continues until we have answers for this mechanism, at least for myself. Thank you for the many parties involved in the process of 'love and the beloved' in my life.

Special to my friendly chit chat friend about life, Putri Wulandari.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Crème de la crème-Oscar 2009

My Favorites from the red carpet:
Armani Prive

Roberto Cavalli



Peirre Balmain

Zuhair Murad

Friday, February 20, 2009


Travel a short search for a new pond.
a book written by Stuart Avery Gold

This book is about an inspirational frog, Ping, swimming in the search for a new pond. Ping loves to jump and always tries to approach his latest record of jumping every day. One day, in the pond he used to swim, he finds dry period which makes him can't jump again. He decides then to travel exploring new pond he feels most suitable to do the long distance jump and create new record. In his journey, he meets The Owl, teacher full of wisdom and insight. The Owl teaches Ping to take a spiritual journey before deciding to pursue his objective.

Each figure and character in this story, describes people in the business for achieving their goals. There are people who are in a position such as Ping and wise position as The Owl. Ping describes any people who face setbacks, require to take the risk, and struggle against the current challenges of change. The Owl describes any people who are knowledgeable and wise who have more experience about the dynamics of life and share their experience to other people who are in the business to reach goals of their life. In this story, they walk together. Accompanied by The Owl, Ping finds many things in this world that makes him learning about life. Only with the bravery and readiness to take risks, Ping can learn.

:: Special thanks to Tante Ratih Ibrahim who gave me this wonderful book::

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Let's celebrate LOVE

Celebrating Valentine's day, me and Nanda went to a Java Cultural Museum, called Ulen Sentalu, Kaliurang-Jogjakarta. The ticket pass costs Rp 15.000, includes a tour guide. In the end of an hour tour, we were served complimentary traditonal herbal drinks, taste so good.

It's a great deal for having a tour with a wonderful view and exhibition of ancient Javanese cultural artifacts.

Here are some pics me and my bf were posing in Ulen Sentalu:

Monday, February 2, 2009



Come and get it, come and get it now
There's a big day waiting for you
Come and get it, come and get it now
Such a big day waiting for you
If you're willing just to take a chance
You gonna shine, SHINE ON, my friend
Shine on, my friend

You were there up in my room
Didn't have a word to say
Suddenly you started to move
So i thought that must be a way
To get a little closer to you
Just to get a little closer to you

Maybe you got something to prove
I'll clear your doubts away
Nothing can happen too soon
Too late to think about it anyway

I feel little things falling in today
After all this waiting
I know, i know
Come on there's a big day
Yeah such a big day
Come and get it now
Come and get it now

Just to get a little closer to you
Such a BIG DAY

::Big Day by Tahiti 80::

there it went.. my BIG DAY has finally come!