Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Java Rockin' Land 2009

I had extremely excited attending this super cool rock concert held in Carnaval Beach Ancol last Friday. It called Java Rockin' Land. Local and foreign super bands gathered in one place and did their performances super great. The foreign bands such as Vertical Horizon, Mr. Big, Melee, MEW, Motherjane, Third Eye Blind, Bagga Bownz and Joujouka. Local bands include Netral, rif, Andra & The Backbone, Agrikulture, Gigi, Koil, Purgatory, Seringai, Slank, Souleh & Soulehah, and The Upstairs. There's no one like this before here in Indonesia. This was the first and the biggest one ever.

Before the shows were started, we took some photos around Segarra.
Cool place nice view.

Anyone who had the idea to hold this kind of event = GENIUS!

All the stages there were outstanding with the lightings, soundsystems, LCD backgrounds, etc.

Vertical Horizon. My idol band. I had been dreaming of attending one of their concert since junior high. Now, my dream came true, i finally had it. They're all awesome. I sang outloud that night singing their songs. They did it best.. You're a God, Send it Up, We are, Best i ever had, and Everything you want songs. Love it so!! I had crush with the vocalist. He's such a very decent and nice person. Not forget to mention his unique voice. Great performer!

Superb! Congrats The Java Festival Production as the promotor of this event. Hope it'll be held in the next year.. next next year.. and so on. Great job guys!

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