Monday, August 24, 2009


Last Saturday, Me and Nanda had buka puasa with Nanda's family in Trattoria, Mega Kuningan. Nothing more to say but happy. I love to hang around with Nanda's family. They are wonderful people. Tante Monica, Nanda's mom. She's great and warm-hearted woman. She loves to arrange everything in order. Not forget to mention, her kindness. Om Bambang, Nanda's dad. He's a wise dad. The one who loves to throw jokes. Rangga, Nanda's little brother. He's a quite person, actually. But he always appreciates other people thought when it comes to a conversation. Hani, Rangga's girlfriend. She's a very nice yet passionate girl. In this very special occasion, kak Jo and kak Imel, Nanda's cousins came together with us. They also took their super lovely son, Joshua, with them. Me and Hani loved to chase after him running around the restaurant. hahahahhaha!! Super fun!

Here are some pictures..

How lucky i was surrounded by all these wonderful people.

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