Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ada Util di sini!

Happy! Happy! Happy cos i got a chance to finally meet my bff, Util. Util goes for a Master of Psychology in Gajah Mada University (UGM), Jogja. Since she studies in UGM, there's so little time i can spend with her. At the day we met, Util took Bubun, her new bestfriend in Jogja. I love Bubun. She seems loves Util. I see Bubun can take good care of Util. Sorta, like what i used to do before, in our undergraduate program. Though i didn't play my role best, as her bestfriend, but from the deep of my heart, i have to admit that i love her and would do anything (if i could) to make her happy. I'm so relieve that Util has found Bubun, someone she can trust to share thoughts and feelings. Someone she can share her stories with. Someone who can accompany and take good care of her. Not forget to mention, someone who would do anything to make her happy. Love you so, dearest Util..

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