Thursday, December 30, 2010

Vivelle VCO and Lip Ice

This is my first time reviewing beauty products i use daily. I want to share my experience on using Vivelle VCO and Olive oil body lotion and Lip Ice Mentholatum Lip balm.

Vivelle VCO and Olive oil body lotion
I bought it simply because it has big VCO sign written on the bottle. Were so curious then i tested it on my hand, nice smell and, surprisingly, it moisturizes great. It’s actually been over a week i’ve been using this Vivelle body lotion. It contains virgin coconut oil and olive oil. 1st impression, It has that perfumey smell but doesn't last long. It doesn't feel too sticky either. My skin feels soft and supple. I LOVE IT!

Lip Ice Mentholatum Lip balm
It is a moisturizing lip balm that has SPF for basic UV protection. This lip balm does a good job of preventing chapped lips. I swipe a bit of this on my lips before i put on lipstick and apply it whenever my lips chap. It's okay but not the one that i expected. Still looking for the perfect one. any idea?

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