Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Xmas moommmmyyy

I'd been thinking about what kinda present i would give to maam for xmas. I had no idea till i realized that maam itu lagi keranjingan dandan. So i decided to buy her a beauty case. I started searching for the perfect one. lotsa choices..

Beauty Box St Tropez Silver Cosmetics & Make-up Beauty Case

Then i found this perfect shaped beauty case on one of web store. I contacted the seller, asked for the product info, such as size, material, price, and shipping. It fits my preference and budget! Yeayness! I made sure that it was shipped in time before 25 so i could get the chance to give it to maam as xmas present. The morning after i purchased this on line, the seller said that it had been shipped. Voila! The beauty case is already in my mom's hands this morning.

She's so excited! She filled it with make-up as soon as she got it

I'm a happy face standing in front of my Xmas tree.
*pohon Natal gue sumpah kaya pasar malem*
ps: Bunch of hugs for Nanda who helped me pusingpusing preparing for this xmas present.
Looveee you tooo much, sayang!

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