Monday, March 9, 2009

Jakarta Toy Fair 2009

Last Sunday, Nanda and si monyet took me to Jakarta Toy Fair 2009. Attending toy fair brings out child side of me. I'm a very young girl at heart actually. Sometimes, i view my world as a playground where a little girl can learn many things she wants to. I realize then, i would never move on from this side of me. To be honest, i love being a little girl. Well, but everyone has to move on from their comfort zone, right?!

..and for now, i love to see my self as a big girl, striving to be a grown-up woman. hihihi.. who enjoys every second of her life learning that life isn't easy to deal, yet considering it -still- as a playground which is physically challenging and fun place to hang around.

I enjoyed my time there, i took a look around.
Here's what i saw,
so many tiny cute things..

Mickey-Minnie, Mario-Luigi, Donkey Kong..
all of them are my childhood bestfriends.
Just love them all!!

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