Tuesday, March 31, 2009

-Not so- Light Meal for My Brain

I just finished reading this book called SIX THINKING HATS by Edward De Bono. I LOOOVEEE THIS BOOK. So inspiring!

Knowing that thinking is the ultimate human resource, i realize then how i have to optimize my thinking capasity. This book helps me find the best strategy to do that. So many inspiring thoughts are revealed in this book. Like this one, my favorite..

^The only people who are very satisfied with their thinking skill are those poor little thinkers who believe that the purpose of thinking is to prove yourself right -to their own satisfaction.^

Here are those wonderful six hats with its concern: (i rewrote it down with some key concepts, it helps to comprehend it easily)


neutral and objective.

is concerned with objective facts and figures.

  • What information do we have?

  • What information do we need?

  • What information is missing?

  • What questions do we need to ask?

  • How we are going to get the information we need?

  • Discussion, argument, consensus

  • How true is a fact?


anger, rage and emotions.

gives emotional view.

  • Can thinking change emotions?

  • The emotional background.

  • Emotions as bargainingg positions.

  • Emotions, values, choices.

  • Emotions do not have to be logical or consistent.

  • Resist the temptation to justify emotions.

  • Hunches, intuitions, impressions

  • No need to give reasons or the basis


somer and serious.

is cautious and careful.

Points out the weakness in an idea.

  • How something does not fit our experience.

  • Why something may not work.

  • Pointing out difficulties and problems.

  • Staying within the law.

  • Keeping the values and ethics.

  • Point out errors in thinking

  • Is it the only possible conclusion?


sunny and positive.

Is optimistic and covers hope and positive thinking.

  • Positive thinking

  • Yellow is for sunshine and brightness

  • Optimism

  • Focus on benefit

  • Constructive thinking and making things happen

  • From the hopeful to the logical.

  • What is realism?

  • Background reasons for the optimism.

  • Proposal and suggestions


is grass, vegetation, and abundant, fertile growth

indicates creativity and new ideas.

  • New ideas, new concepts, and new perceptions

  • The deliberate creation of new ideas

  • Alternatives and more alternatives

  • Change

  • New approaches to problem

  • Random provocation

  • Pride in the exercise of a skill

  • Shaping and tailoring ideas


is cool

is concerned with control, the organization of the thinking process, and the use of the other hats.

  • Thinking about thinking

  • Instructions for thinking

  • Asking the rigtht questions

  • Defining the problem

  • Setting the thinking tasks

  • Choreography

  • Observation and overview

Result for applying Six Hats Thinking Method:

1. Power (intelligence, experience, knowledge)

2. Time Saving

3. Removal of ego

4. One thing at a time

Are you considering it too??

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