Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I checked on my email this morning and someone sent me this wonderful insprational thought . I would like to share to everyone who read this blog ..

"Dear Putri,

This week I'd like to bring up one of life's small pleasures that actually provides quite a bit of satisfaction: the houseplant. Have you ever noticed how houseplants make a d├ęcor more warm and welcoming? There's something pleasing and comforting about them.

The Chinese have long believed that houseplants generate positive energy, Putri, and modern scientific studies support the value of having plants in homes, offices, or environments such as hospitals, schools, and other institutions.

Actually, there are many benefits to having plants around us. As plants take in the air around them, they actually remove some of the airborne toxins and replenish the environment with oxygen. Peace lilies, bamboo, palms, and spider plants are thought to be especially effective at clearing the air of unpleasant toxic chemicals. In addition, studies have shown that plants also have a positive physiological effect on us, by providing relief from anxiety, lowering blood pressure, and adding to a general sense of well-being.

Plants in school and work environments have been credited for boosting productivity, shortening reaction time, increasing spatial perceptions, and building concentration. Students who study with plants nearby are more likely to be in regular attendance, while people who work in offices surrounded by plants tend to enjoy their jobs more than employees who work in more sterile environments.

Personally, Putri, I think the nicest thing about plants is the simple fact of having these living, green organisms growing in my home and office. I hope you are already enjoying the calming and pleasant benefits of your own houseplants. But if you haven't been exercising your green thumb, maybe it's time to get your hands a little dirty!"

..if possible i'm gonna start growing some houseplants at home. ^_^

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