Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mr. A-Z grooved Jakarta

Jason Mraz performed spectacular in the Java Jazz 2009 event. Not only he sang with his beautiful voice but also entertained audiences with his unique body language, very groovy! Nothing more to say, he was amazing! I wish i could have more and more of his performance.

Java Jazz 2009 = exciting! Unfortunately, there were lack of services provided in. Started buying tickets on line, ticket redeemed, until the event itself. My impression about Java Jazz 2009 is not well organized:
1. Suddenly, online ticket purchasing was temporarilly closed. Made in early January, Jason Mraz was scheduled would perform on Friday. But then, they informed he would also perform on Saturday with longer duration. Me and Nanda already bought tickets for Friday. If we knew earlier that Jason Mraz would also perform on Saturday, we'd rather buy tickets for Saturday. huh!
2. Queuing system was bad. Started from tickets redeemed at The Sultan (there's only one ticket box and few officers) until the concert hall. all we had to do is QUEUING.

Fortunately, i met some friends there. All my regret washed away because of them. We had fun there, laughing! as always.. hihihihi

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Missranabella said...

ih ih ih ih .. ada gueeee.. hehehe.. Pute maaf ya waktu JavJazz itu gue keliyengan dan berbadan panas pula jadi ga konsen anaknya..
Glad we all (eventually) had fun! :)