Friday, October 10, 2008

A real quick getaway

Going out with my besties always be my favorite thing to do. It was so relieving yesterday when i met up with my besties. It's a real quick getaway to help re-energize and refresh myself from all the skripshit things i've been through lately. We went to ITC Fatmawati to buy some DVDs and went to PIM 2 to grab some sushi.

Best finds in ITC Fatmawati:

Rona recommended me to buy Little Mermaid I, II, III DVDs

..and what we're doing there in PIM:

She wished she could be a witch. I wished i could be a devil, who wears Prada, indeed. cx

just another obsecure pose we did

We had so much fuuuun! We laughed till we dropped, we shopped till we broke. haha.

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O|FASHION said...

Rindu PIM!!!
Oh iya,
Little Mermaid is my fave Disney movie ever..:D