Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jogja.. Never Ending Asia

I am so proud to be a Javanese people, i have to admit that. I would too, if i were Sundanese, Bataknese, Manadonese, etc.. cos me so proud to be an Indonesian with all the exotic cultures we have here.

People around the world know Indonesia from its Bali, but now, so proud to announce you that, hey! we have Jogja with all the uniqueness from its culture. Here in Jogja, there are so many interesting places to visit. Jogja has Kaliurang (a popular mountain resort), Taman Sari (a water castle, used to be female bathing pools), Imogiri (official cemetery of the royal descendents from Jogyakarta and Surakarta), Bringharjo Traditional Market, Parangtritis Beach, Prambanan Temple, and the most famous & most visited street.. Malioboro (full of souvenir stalls and famous for its lesehan foodstalls).

Kaliurang mountain resort

Taman Sari water castle

Prambanan temple at night

crowd crowd crowd Bringharjo

So many stories to tell about my excursion to Jogja this past week. No i didn't visit all the places i've mentioned before cos i've done it like million times in my younger years. ..But those are some new places i visited, never been there before, which're really fun to hang out in. Those places are Alun-Alun Kidul with its famous twin trees, Goa Maria Jatiningsih (my friends Vigara & Puput took me there), and Sky Garden Cafe Resto.

nice dinner in Sky Garden with my cousins

Visiting Jogja, wouldn't be complete without shopping its unique things there. i love love love love to shop in Jogja.

Here are some of my best finds..

flea market in Malioboro

cute dress i bought in Malioboro, loved the print of this dress the minute i saw

pink held vintage iron

my cousin, Bunga wore her new Batik top bought in Malioboro also

Red bean's Phytan Porridge,

yeah i know it's not Jogja's traditional food,

i just loved to grab it! yummy!

JOGJA.. never ending Asia! so proud to have you,, muuahhh!

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neng neng.. ke fla market ga dpt apa2x PP neng.. tegaaa neng..