Friday, October 17, 2008


Orchida thinks KFC Hot Rods are yummy..:D. 7:56pm - 5 comments

Ashwin Prakash at 8:44pm October 16
and yea ..its my new job to get you everyday after my workout .. ;)

Putri Guenantine at 9:53am October 17
what an interesting -new- job, ash! =D

Ashwin Prakash at 5:45pm October 17
lol. aint so me ..she starts biting me if she doesnt get KFC ... Poor me :(

Orchida Sekarratri Danujaya at 6:34pm October 17
oh NO.. my reputation is threaten here.. no comment.. (celeb mode-ON)

Putri Guenantine at 6:46pm October 17
Celeb wouldn't eat KFC Hot Rods everyday & her bf also. lol.


O|FASHION said...
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O|FASHION said...

Statusku dpublish..:D