Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Batik Apparels

I don’t usually like wearing something that so many people wear. I follow trends but not in a freaky way which all people in the mall, at the market, everywhere i see them wearing that fashion thing. It happened when Batik madness was contagious in Jakarta. Everyone were wearing Batik top, Batik dress, even Batik sandals. I appreciated it much. I loved to see people wearing those Batik apparels. They looked good wearing that. It’s so Indonesia! I didn’t wear Batik (like all those people did).. until my mom bought me this dress. I just couldn’t stand to wear it to my best friend dad’s wed.

We were so pretty pretty wearing Indonesian traditional clothes in a modern way

hehehe.. There’s another cute batik dress i wore to my besties’ dinner bday bash 2 months ago. It’s daster actually. ^Daster is Indonesian term for a sleeping dress.^ My mom bought for her self till i begged her to give it to me so that i could wear it as a dress. I wore it with a green leather belt, a pair of brown gladiator sandals, and my daring red Guy Laroche bag. ..and voila! I love myself wearing my batik dress. Hihihi.. I enjoyed my time hanging around with my besties that night wearing my batik dress lookalike.

Me with my inner circle celebrating Dini's & Mita's Day

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