Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Women

I’m pretty much positive that anything endorsed by Meg Ryan, Eva Mendez, and Jada Pinket will do well. That's the only reason why i can’t hardly wait to watch this movie called The Women. It’s a film written and directed by Diane English. I’ve never heard about her before. Well, it's impressing me! I bet it took her hardwork to direct a movie with so many talented stars in it. The movie will no doubt find its audience. There will be women of a certain age who wholeheartedly embrace friendship. Just like any other “women” movies, The Women unfolds in entirely female world in Manhattan setting. I have a big hope that this movie will give some insights i haven’t found in any other “women” movies.

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Missranabella said...

I havent gone far reading your blog. But up to this point, I can already say.. you are such an inspiring, smart, beautiful lady. Glad to have you in my life, darl :)