Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sophie Michelle Ellis Bextor

I’ve known her since i was in senior high.. love her from the very first time! I adore almost every aspect of her : her PORCELAIN HEALTHY SKIN: her FASHION SENSE: how SHE LOVES HER FAMILY (which is shown on her right arm tattoo).. and of course especially her MUSIC. I own all her albums and enjoy listening to her music, which is an invitation to dance to everyone who listens to it. She rocks her world not only in music but also in film, modeling, and charity activities. Recently, she features in the short musical film 'The Town that Boars Me' by photographer Ben Charles Edwards. She posed for PETA's anti–fur clothing advertisement. She is also currently fronting a campaign for The Children's Society, encouraging people to log onto the Hundreds and Thousands of Childhood Memories Website to donate their favourite childhood memory. So inspiring! Her next projects are launching a DJ Gay club project, called "Modern Love" in London, with her husband and.. replacing Kate Moss as the face of Rimmel! Can’t wait!

::I always love the way she applies her make up so perfectly to her face. BOLD & BEAUTIFUL. Absolutely gorgeous!::

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