Saturday, September 20, 2008

an Art Exhibition

Good at math


I went to an Indonesian art & craft exhibition in JHCC with mom & dad yesterday. I had fun but none of the products there were really interesting me.. so i bought nothing. They sold things at unffordable prices. It's their last day exhibition but still they sold things expensively. Wondering, why didn't they drop their price at least 30% off so that people didn't just walk around see things they couldn't buy and started buying them at affordable prices?! Maybe this was the only reason, for me, there was nothing interesting me. hehehe.. After spending 2 hours there, me, mom, and dad ended it up in Plaza Senayan. My dad bought a pair of jeans there. Funny thing about him yesterday.. he said that he would wear his new designer jeans at least for the next 2 years. (Somehow, i realize something that my dad's as smart as my mom in spending his money)

Anyway, i decided to wear my newest ruffle plaid top that mom bought me couple days ago. I felt so fresh wearing that orange colour top on my body. huihihihi..

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