Sunday, July 26, 2009

What a dissaster..

Last Saturday, Me, Nanda, Monyet, and kakak Orchid went to a movie. It's actually we were a bit confused about what movie we're gonna watch. Till i threw an idea to watch Dissaster Movie. The reason was so simple. There's Kim Kardashian in it. I love her as a person, love her curvy body, love the way she boosts her beauty, and so on. Nanda and Kakak Orchid agreed on my idea. But monyet didn't. Hahahaha. He said that we couldn't expect anything from that movie. It might be so sampah, said monyet. Hahahaha.

and.. sure it was. Monyet was right. But then, i felt happy that night. It's not a matter of how sampah the movie was but.. i could go to a movie with all my beloved ones. After that, we went to Nasi Goreng Gila Darmawangsa. I wanted Kakak Orchid to try it once. The fact that she liked it, made me happy. hahahahaha.. told you sis, that one was great!

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