Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jakarta Fair 2009

Last Wednesday, July 8th was a very special day. That was the day when all the Indonesians had a chance to elect their president directly. In the morning, me, mom, and dad went to the TPS and elected our president directly. So glad that 'My Jagoan' win the election (based on Quick Count) Yippiiieee Yeaayyy!!!

For Me and Nanda, that day was special too (instead of being indonesians who had a chance to elect the president directly).. We were so excited going to Jakarta Fair 2009. Yippppiiieee yeaaayyy!!!

Jakarta Fair 2009 was like a giant exhibition, all in one place. There were car exhibition, IT exhibition, Indonesian art and craft exhibition, and many more. There were also food stalls. So excited cos me and Nanda can 'jajan' there. hahahahaha. There's also fun world with many games that challenge the visitors. cool! enuf said.

O gosh! it was so crowded there. Still excited though..!!! I bought my Canon ixus and fisheye. He bought his eximus. We walked around and took some photos there. Just wonderful!

Nanda played a game i don't know.
He had to throw some rings to the bottles.
Unfortunately, he couldn't make it.

I stood in front of the scariest place there.. hell yeahhh!!
It's called Gedung Setan. hahahaha

I love the way he put it together:
The Levi's Denim Jacket and The neon shirt.

Not forget to mention the Cargo pants and Onitsuka Tiger

Not so tired to pose ^^


Plus, here what i got there..
Photos taken by my Fisheye:

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