Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cool Places

I enjoyed my long weekend. It started on Saturday and it went till Monday.

Just stayed at home. Me a lil bit gave help Nanda finishing his final thesis.
In the evening me and Nanda cooked Nasi Goreng Gila. Hmm yummmmyyy.. We got the idea of making this from Tante Monica (Nanda's mom), the one who supplied the ingredients.

Happy i could wake up late. I took my time relaxing in Sunday morning.
Then, me, Nanda, and Monyet went to Ratu Plaza to unlock Monyet's iPhone. He did silly mistake by updating the iPhone. Me.. bought Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Mac. So glad i could finally buy it. Though i'm still in the amateur level for editing photos but still i need advance software supporting my hahahihi hobby. ^^
After that, we went to PS for lunch. I had Black Pepper Beef Crepe from The Crepes. Yummy!! I just tried it and like it much! that one was yummy!
In the evening, three of us attended a mass in Gereja Yohanes Penginjil. Then, we had dinner in Roku-roku, Japanesse Food.

Hahaha.. What a day!!
That gorgeous Red Bag, Givenchy look-a-like, is birthday Gift from Nanda


still day off.. I woke up late.. was relaxing.. having my morning coffee plus reading magazine.. no interuption.. hearing Sophie unstopably barking.. watching tv.. all in the same time (multitasking is my expertise)

..till mom asked me to accompany her to buy some daily needs. I went with her and dad. I got back home and Nanda arrived. He planned to spend his day off with me. *Yeeayyyy!!!* We had'nt had lunch at that time so we initiatively made one. We made our own super burger for lunch. hahahaha. Super yummyy!! after that, Nanda continued finishing his thesis.

In the evening, mom made tomato soup. lovely!! We grabbed it. hahahaha. We were so full after that. Till dinner time.. We had japanesse food, again! for dinner. In the end of the day, in the end of the loooong weekend.. i felt so HAPPY!

Me ready to start the ordinary days.

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