Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ride a bike, could i?

Oh gosh.. i do really need to have an exercise right now. I'm too busy buzzing around with client's reports etc. All i have been doing lately just typing typing.. making my self busy with my laptop.. typing again all over again. My neck is sometimes tense and my body is stiff. I feel that my body is being too pampered (lack of movements = exercise = zero). I need to find an activity for my stiff body to move. 

I'm thinking that it would be so nice if i could ride a bike. I can ride a bike. My dad taught me in my younger years. It's just so impossible to do it now.. have no time! hiks hiks hiks. I don't know where to go even. I think i have to arrange a plan and take my intention to ride a bike just for fun, seriously. 

It would be nice too if i could ride this bicycle.. from Gucci. Red is my favorite color. I have no reason not to SCREAM. hahahha. Am sure of myself, it'll boost my energy. ^_^ 

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