Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Puffy Sleeves

Tomorrow, Personal Growth (PG) is gonna have a photo shoot with Chic Magazine. The concept is about 'My Office'. Gladly, i'm working in a very comfy office. So many magazines had come to visit, fell in love, and did photo shoot here in the office. Hahahaha.. My tante boss asked us, The PG Girls, to dress up for the photo shoot. We already decided the dress code actually. I just haven't decided what outfit i'm gonna wear for tomorrow yet. But then ,i found this cool trend, Puffy Sleeves, from

Hehehhe.. i kinda like the idea of puffy sleeves. I think i'm gonna wear one of my puffy sleeves top for tomorrow's photoshoot. It will be so FUUUUNN!! Oh can't wait for tomorrow to come!

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