Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Emotional Turbulence

It's been a while since i had this emotional turbulence. Many things happened.

I got happy.. yes it was
I got dissapointed.. yes it was.
Many emotions involved here.
But the main one was being grief.
Hate it yet love it, to feel this way. At least i learn how to deal with my self more and more.

Regarding to all the experiences i got, i realize something.. somehow living life is not always easy (duuuhhh???!!). Though you've already given all the best you could, but still mistakes happened. For some people, it's tolerable. First thing, admit it! We don't want to live in denial right? First we admit it, we already find the real problem, our mistake we've made. Then, the most important thing is.. once you realize you've made a mistake, you throw all your senses to find out the best way to make things fine.. You learn!

Though i had emotional turbulence, i still used problem focused coping- approach to hang on in this turbulence situation. So, i can land on the ground safely, still..

I learn something precious this week:
in life..
Making a mistake for ONCE, You are dissapointed.
Making the same mistake for TWICE, You are dissapointing.

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