Friday, February 20, 2009


Travel a short search for a new pond.
a book written by Stuart Avery Gold

This book is about an inspirational frog, Ping, swimming in the search for a new pond. Ping loves to jump and always tries to approach his latest record of jumping every day. One day, in the pond he used to swim, he finds dry period which makes him can't jump again. He decides then to travel exploring new pond he feels most suitable to do the long distance jump and create new record. In his journey, he meets The Owl, teacher full of wisdom and insight. The Owl teaches Ping to take a spiritual journey before deciding to pursue his objective.

Each figure and character in this story, describes people in the business for achieving their goals. There are people who are in a position such as Ping and wise position as The Owl. Ping describes any people who face setbacks, require to take the risk, and struggle against the current challenges of change. The Owl describes any people who are knowledgeable and wise who have more experience about the dynamics of life and share their experience to other people who are in the business to reach goals of their life. In this story, they walk together. Accompanied by The Owl, Ping finds many things in this world that makes him learning about life. Only with the bravery and readiness to take risks, Ping can learn.

:: Special thanks to Tante Ratih Ibrahim who gave me this wonderful book::

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