Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Love Match

One day when i was being very in love, a friend threw me a question. She just tossed one question but even until now, every time i feel love, i still can’t get the answers, and continue to ask myself ..

"I feel the love because we match or i really feel as if all the matches because i feel being in love?"

To answer this question, i always put forth all the way to get answers that are far from my own subjective impression. Everytime i begin to like someone, i stick around in his neighborhood, believe it or not, i do not even pay attention to whether or not he objects to it. Without lowering my pride, i always want to be near him. Not only to meet the desires of my heart, but more to find what i've been looking for, which is.. knowing him better. One question from a friend emerges start to the other. "How did the match come from?", "Up to the limit which i feel fit with this person?", "What i know about this person so that i reach the conclusion that i feel is appropriate behavior?" Of course, these questions require empirical evidence and not just wishful thinking only. Therefore, the only way to answer it is to find out, throw all my senses, when possible, and exert all the awareness in the collection of information. Up to when i feel the love, the heart not only speak but also my logic is working.

Thought to be a short process continues until we have answers for this mechanism, at least for myself. Thank you for the many parties involved in the process of 'love and the beloved' in my life.

Special to my friendly chit chat friend about life, Putri Wulandari.

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