Thursday, January 13, 2011

My make up pouch

The magic begin here. My YSL make up pouch. I bring it everywhere i go. To be honest, i would never leave home without applying my make up, just basic and simple one. The must have items are loose powder, lipbalm, and eyeliner. I'm pathologically attach to them.

1. Revlon Touch & Glow Cream Beige Face Powder
2. PAC Summer Glow eyeshadows ☛ perfect pallete for me. I love all the colors
3. MAC White Frost eyeshadow ☛ great for higlight, especially on the nose, not to intense, it's just perfect
4. Etude house eyeshadow
5. Revlon Color Stay Black eyeliner long-lasting,smudge proof eyeliner, i find it difficult applying liquid eyeliner.
6. Viva Black eyebrow pencil ☛ the best! enuf said
7. Eyelash curler
8. Maybelline volume booster mascara ☛ plan on upgrading it to Maybelline magnum
9. Eyebrow knife
10. Lipice Apple lipbalm
11. Nivea Fruity Shine Strawberry lipbalm leaving a touch of pinkish color, love it!
12. Inez Sandy Coral 05 lipstick ☛ i love the color but too bad it makes my lips dry
13. Shu Uemura pocket mirror
14. Mini pretty eau de parfum
15. Acnes Oil Control Film
16. Allergan Refresh Contact Eye dropper
17. Bangs roller
18. Makarizo hair recovery ☛ great product!

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