Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sweet reminder

Just a sweet reminder to myself that in about two weeks i'm scheduled to have 
my thesis exam.

Solution Focused Therapy
Helping people change and become more effective and efficient as change agents (of change). Simply identify what you are already doing which is efficient and effective for you then do those things more consistently and intentionally.

People who are locked into their problems are focusing on things they lack of. Abandoning solutions. Solution Focused Therapy looks for occasions in which people able to think, feel, act in ways that move them toward their goals. Finding solutions. It emphasizes people's goals, ways, and help them analyzing resources they already have to create the best strategy finding solution solving problems.

Problems are problems because they are maintained. Problems are held together simply by their being described as "problems"-de Shazer. Once this identification is broken, the individual gains the ability to discover different and new constructive pattern that become solutions.

Dewan, M. J., Steenbarger, B. N., & Greenberg, R. P. (2004). The art and science of brief psychotherapies. Arlington: American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc

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