Monday, October 11, 2010


Me and Nanda attended a wedding held in Century Hotel, Senayan. I had tried to apply more and more dark grey eyeshadow on my kelopak mata and had tons of eye liner and mascara to get the smokey eyes look but i guess i wasn't successfull. I am satisfied enough with the result tho. ..and fyi, i did it in the car. Me and Nanda went to Mall Ambassador siangnya. Nanda had been looking for the perfect headphones till he met Superlux. He tried and bought it. He had doing some researches on this before, he religiously visits this forum called Audiophile, discussing all the audio things. I have to admit that he is a smart shopper. He has to convince himself that he gets the perfect one and analyze the satisfactory level. Yes, he is a guy with so muuuuchhhh thoughts.

Then, we went strolling down the mall and went into a small store. There's a box of headphones at -not so expensive- yet affordable price, called Altic. He tried it, played many songs, trance ones, yes he loves jedagjedug songs. He likes it. I tried it too. Surprisingly, it produces bombastis sound. Nanda ga langsung beli cos he thought that he had already spent tooooo much rupiah that day. Then he took me jalan-jalan while thinking so hard, whether he would buy it or not. He looked so confused. Hahahahaha. Me? provokatorin dong,, "Udah beli aja sayang suaranya bombastis loh". He took me back to that store again and.. jengjengjeng! He bought it. He bought two headphones in a row! Hahaha. He had saved his money for this. I am super glad he's satisfied with the headphones. Dia penggila musik. Yes, dia pengGILA musik.

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