Thursday, September 9, 2010


Yesterday, i met up with some of my childhood friends from TK Strada. It started with three of us chatted recalling our childhood memories, such as.. who's the most annoying among us, the grumpy one, the crybaby one, etc.. ended up mocking and bukabuka aib temennya. fun tho! Then we decided to arrange meeting up. We sent out the invitations via facebook and bbm. We planned on having this small reunion in Bremer, Kemang. Its Gideon idea to hold it there. Padahal lagi bulan Ramadhan dikala orang-orang berpuasa. and yes, we still do maksiat things on this holy month.

The day.. There were about 30 o us gathered around. We had lots of our pictures taken. Let the pictures speak themselves..

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