Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Quality time with Sophie

Sophie, my mini pinscher dog. We call her Copi Copi. She's a toy dog. She loves sniffing, running around the house, chewing like almost anykind of things in front of her, barking king king king, very responsive to flying objects, or anything that move fast, & eating every kind of meals we give to her (especially pasta with carbonara sauce). She loves to stand in front the fan and has been almost plunged into the koi pond in the house, for like thousand times. Hyperactive dog it's all i can say. Beyond everything, she's a very loyal dog and so fierce, especially when it comes to strangers.

si manja

Copi lagi totok aura

Enaknyooo dipijet ya Cop?

She loves to strike a pose too!
She always knows when i point the cam to shoot her.
Dasar you ganjen Sophie!

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