Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gagal nonton 2012

Wondering the fact that 2012 is controversial here in Indonesia, me, Nanda, Dini, Mita, and Ribta planned to go watching that movie in theatre. We went to PIM with a big hope that we would get the tickets and could watch it there. Unfortunately the tickets were sold out. We were dissapointed. We just walked around the mall and had chitchat along the way. Been borring in the PIM, then we had Nasi Goreng Gila at Darmawangsa street. It's a -pinggir jalan- fried rice which is SANGAT ENAK and i think everyone in Jakarta should try. The fun thing about having this -pinggir jalan- fried rice is we had dinner in the car cos there's no other place we could comfortably sit. Hahaha!

Then, we went to Grand Indonesia. Just another -walking around moment in the mall- we had. But quite nice though.. and i love it!

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