Friday, May 22, 2009

I should have finished my report

  • Current Obsession: My Lapito (Macbook Unibody 13'3" aluminium), eyelashes, vanilla scent, colorful tops (as always C=)
  • Namesake: Putri Guenantine
  • Favorite Dinner: Caesar Salad.. accompanied by Baileys would be great!
  • Most visited websites: Fashion blogs, Facebook, my hotmail
  • Favorite Tea Flavor: Peach flavored tea
  • Favorite Owned Jewelry: Diamond necklace from Mom
  • Favorite Beer: Beer?? not my preference
  • Listening To: Hot and Cold-Katy Perry
  • Bathroom cabinet holds: Liquid soap, Acnes Facial wash, Herbal Essences Shampoo
  • I miss… My Papa Bear.. My Mom and Dad.. My brother.. (sounds so cheesy when i mention all of them, to be honest, i miss them like all the time when i'm not with them)
  • If I could go anywhere in the next hour I would… Greece!!!!
  • Major Pet Peeves: people who talk about me behind my back, liar liar,
  • Favorite flavor of gum: mint!
  • Five Year Plan: finishing my master degree in psychology (i haven't even started it yet ^^), being a suppppeeerrr professional and reliable clinical psychologist, getting married, having healthy and very smart children, contributing actively in the community.
  • Something that always makes me smile: photos of my beloved ones (family, boyfriend, bestfriends, my pet)
  • Today is special because... i love my passionate life, i love the fact that God creates wonderful surrounding for me.
  • Where I blog: in my office (in fact, i should've already finished my report but... hehehehe.. i end up on posting this post)
  • My perfect day: everyday.. with all the ups and downs.. make me learn.. though life is not always go on like my expectations, but still, i grow up through my everyday life.

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