Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Akangnya Rere sudah tidak available lagi!

The Wedding
*unfortunatelly was not mine (but hope soon to be..) ^_^

I do love the idea that God has prepared someone for someone. So does for Jaka Satari and Insan Maillina. Love the fact that they are meant to be with each other. Hope the best for their newly family.

Last Sunday night, me and Nanda attended the magnificent wedding of Jaka and Melly in Grand Ballroom Hotel Mulia Senayan.

Friends of mine said that,
this photo is kinda a pre wedding photo of us.. hahaha..
Do you think so??

How about this one?

I was so happy that night to meet my besties there. They were so pretty in their pretty dresses.

pretty! pretty! pretty!

Mi had fun posing freakily in front of this gorgeous backdrop..
Muse: Nichole Richie ^_^

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