Thursday, January 1, 2009


Brought in the New Year, i spent it with beloved ones.. We attended an event in 3 Degress Club, FX.

Me and my besties decided to dress up in the same tone of color, which was black. But hey, take a look at me then.. i wore red.. it's not because i didn't get the memo, hahaha.. i thought it would be nice to start first day of the year with something daring. of course, my friends cursed me because of that.

My besties.. lovem lovem lovem!! they wore outfits in the same tone of color.. *oups*

Me and my boyfriend.. it's our first new years eve together.
Glad to have you in my life dooll...

We had so much fun celebrating new years eve together. Words can't explain how thankful i am for my life has been surrounded by wonderful people that i love love love... it's a bliss!

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Missranabella said...

at least my lipstick was red.. not so much in tone with the outfit sih.. ha ha ha